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Junction Box

Service Box Polyamide Service Box

Service Box Diecast Service Box

Note 1: Raised floor trunking is epoxy coated as standard. Pre-Galvanised finish is available on request.
Note 2: Various heights of trunking are available on request
Note 3: 1.0mm trunking is available on request
Note 4: Metal trunking is supplied in lengths of 2440mm

W x H (mm) 1.2 mm thick
AGA332-2 75
AGA442-2 100
AGA443-2 100
L x W x H (mm)
75x150x38 ATRRJ 75/1
150x150x38 ATRRJ 150/1
225x225x38 ATRRJ 225/3
300x300x38 ATRRJ 300/3
300x225x38 ATRRJ 3022/3
450x450x38 ATRRJ 450/3
450x225x38 ATRRJ 4522/3
450x300x38 ATRRJ 4530/3
L x W (mm) Cube
250 X 250 ARSBQ 250/2
250 X 250 ARSBQ 250/3
L x W (mm) Galvanized
250 X 125 ATSBG 250/1
250x250 ATSBG 250/2
250x250 ATSBG 250/3
375x250 ATSBG 375/2
375x250 ATSBG 375/3
L x W (mm) Polyamide*
250 X 250 ARSBP 250/2
250x250 ARSBP 250/3
L x W (mm) Diecast
250 X 250 ATUSD 250/2
250x250 ATUSD 250/3

Note: Different size and thickness can be Provided as per request


13Amp ZGang DP Panel Mounted Switch Socket Outlet. Carton Qty : 10 Nos


All Altair Switch Sockets comply to the relevant requirements of 351363 Part2:1995 Double Pole Switching for even greater safety Twin earth terminals comply to the requirements of high integrity earthing as stipulated by Section 607 of 35671 Mounting details: 2 and 3 Compartment Floor Boxes

Replace TT with 02 for 115mm wide plates and 03 for 77mm wide plates

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