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ALTAIR has been the advanced architectural solutions provider for residences, residential enclaves, business centres, shopping malls, factories, production centres, commercial buildings, sports centres and other similar institutions. We guarantee quality-proven products made of innovative materials. Furthermore, we have been extending servicing support to our clients periodically, as well as, wherever they seek. Raised flooring solutions, cable management systems, and tensile architectural fabrics from Altair have been a vital part of several leading organizations. We study the requirement projected and suggest the best product that suits the client’s objectives. Besides that, we custom-design the items to meet the dimensional requirements and design specifications. That is how we have become the most trusted company offering these products.


Our mission has always been to deliver the best, uphold the trust, and gain the most. Our products and services are evidence of our meticulous quality. By constantly providing products of proven quality and seamless service support, we remain the most trustworthy firm across the Middle East and the continents including Africa and Europe. Our endeavour is to keep the credibility fortified by meeting the expectations of our clientele. By inducing advanced concepts and innovative product ideas.  


We envision a quantum leap in our growth with the productive and progressive policy of delivering the best to the clients. We now have a prominent presence in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. Consistent with our performance in the present regions, our goal is to become the leading entity in other continents as well. Every step we take, every product we introduce, and every service we promise, have been diligently organized with this objective at the focal point.

How Altair?

Offers you the best products and services

Outstanding Quality

We assure outstanding quality with inspection at every stage of production and before dispatch.

Futuristic Technology

Innovative technical solutions and features are the strength of each of our products.

Meticulous Design

Our expert design team explore out-of-the-box concepts that reflect style and elegance.

Custom Designs

Share your ideas and we would provide you with customised designs with exclusive characteristics.

Affordable Products

We assure you of affordable products and services that would be well within your budget.

Constant Support

Reach out to us for any queries or support. We are always available.


Contractor and End Customer Benefits

The convenience of raised access floors becomes evident even before they are put to use. The speed and ease with which the floor is installed make it significantly less labour and time intensive than other floors, and thus the space becomes inhabitable faster. In ALTAIR, Raised Flooring contractors can find a strategic partner that offers them full support throughout the process, from pre-project planning to on site assistance. This includes services such as:

Pre Project
  • Quantification
  • Scheduling
  • CAD Shop Drawings
  • Project Specific Installation Guidelines
  • Immediate Shop Drawings For in-situ accessories
  • On Site
  • Initial Installation Supervision
  • Quality Verification
  • On site coordination
On Site
  • Initial Installation Supervision
  • Quality Verification
  • CAD Shop Drawings
  • On site coordination

Optimal use of space is one of the greatest advantages of raised access floors. This coupled with flexibility, both in terms of their load bearing capacity at a range of heights as well as the array of available finish options makes them a key design element in any project. ALTAIR can play a major role in supporting consultants in many aspects of a project’s development and construction:

In Planning
  • Definition of requirements
  • Architectural specifications
  • Selection of finishes to suit clients’ needs
In Application
  • Full design integration
  • CAD supported construction details
  • CAD Shop Drawings
  • Integration with other building services (MEP)