Flooring Installation


Method Statement

Delivery, Handling & Storage
  • Deliver materials for all types of raised flooring in manufacturer’s original unopened packagers, containers, or bundles bearing brand name and identification of manufacturer. Our Supply includes standard portable lifting devices of type required for inventory check against packing list to be prepared, to establish shortages, if any.
  • Unloading of all supplied materials at jobsite. (Crane to be provided by Main Contractor)
  • Adequate storage area should be provided by the main contractor for proper storing manner that may not cause damage or distortion under its own weight.
  • Adequately Protect raised floor from damage and dirt
  • a. Store & protect all supplied materials indoors, under cover and on raised platforms and keep them dry and protected against damage from humidity , moisture , temperatures extremes, direct sunlight, surface contamination , rust , soil, corrosion, construction traffic, and other causes. Adequate storage area should be provided by the main contractor for proper storing manner that may not cause damage or distortion under its own weight. Stringers should be stocked flat to prevent sagging.
  • b. Ensure that membrane materials are handled carefully and kept clean if subsequently removed for access to services, for inspection or remedial work
Installation Should Not Begin Until
  • Agree the types, sizes and positions of cut-outs with the Engineer and indicate on the approved reflected access flooring plans.
  • Receipt of all approved shop drawings by the Engineer.
  • All wet works such as concrete, plastering and tiling are completed and thoroughly dried out.
  • The building is weather tight; Area to receive the access floor shall be enclosed and maintained at a temperature range of 40 degree to 90 degree F and a humidity range of 20 % to 70 % relative.
  • Examination and acceptance of all surfaces (sub floors) for unevenness, irregularities and dampness that would affect the quality, and proper installation.
  • Main Contractor shall provide clear access and clean sub floor area which is free of construction debris and other trades during the installation of the access floor system.
  • All unsatisfactory conditions have corrected by others.
  • All services have been installed, tested and approved by Engineer.
  • Areas should be clean and free from debris, dirt and dust. Dust – proofing shall be according to Consultant’s specifications and to execute by others, prior to installation of Raised Floor.
  • Approval of mockups by Engineer.


Supply of all labors and skilled manpower, tools and equipment necessary to complete the access flooring works in accordance with the project specifications, approved applicable drawings, the general program of work , and the below METHOD STATEMENT.

  • After completion of MEP 1st fix (Ducts, Cable Trays, conduits, etc.) below the raised floor and the building is being sealed substantially from outside, the check request for starting the installation will be forwarded to the main contractor.
  • After obtaining the necessary clearances for starting the installation, the sub – floor should be inspected .The same has to be dry, plain, hard and free from cracks, craters and chemical substances (fat or oil)

  • Main Contractor should complete any necessary sub-floor preparation, and vacuum clean sub– floor to remove dust, dirt and construction debris before beginning installation.
  • The sub – floor conditions are to be inspected and preliminary site survey to be carried out to determine the level difference of sub-floor if any.
  • The Main Contractor should mark the benchmark level.
  • The benchmark level will be transferred and marked at the corners by using laser level /auto level or water level.
  • The floor height will be marked on all the walls of each area by snapping the chalk lines.
  • Carry out the floor grid- marking activities (locate each pedestal)

  • Install access flooring system and accessories under supervision of access flooring manufacturer’s authorized representative to produce a rigid, firm installation that complies with performance requirements and is free of vibration , rocking ,rattles and squeaks.
  • Attach pedestals to sub – floor by adhesive. Adjust heights by turning the adjustable nut.
  • Check alignment and level of the pedestals.
  • Connect grounding strips embedded in static – conductive floor covering to connector clips attached to pedestals at intervals needed to comply with performance requirements for electrical resistance of floor covering.
  • Secure stringers to pedestal heads according access flooring manufacturer’s written instructions.
  • Scribe under – floor cavity drivers to closely fit against sub- floor surfaces and seal with mastic to maintain plenum effect within under floor cavity.
  • Scribe vertical closures to closely fit against sub – floor and adjacent finish floor surfaces. Set in mastic and seal to maintain plenum effect within under floor cavity.
  • Clean dust, dirt and construction debris caused by floor installation, including vacuuming sub – floor area, as installation of floor panel’s proceeds.
  • Lay out floor panel installation to keep the number of cut panels at floor perimeter to a minimum.
  • Securely fix the panels to pedestals with corners matched & panel joints hairline – tight.
  • After completion of full panel’s installation, the cut panels will be installed.
  • Provide additional pedestals as necessary to support cut panels.
  • Apply a perimeter seal (double sided adhesive foam tape) to the cut edge of panels.
  • Scribe perimeter panels to provide a close fit with adjoining construction with no voids greater than 3mm where panels abut vertical surfaces.
  • Level installed access flooring to within 2.54mm of true level over entire access
  • flooring area and within 1.6mm in any 3-m distance.

Adjusting, Cleaning & Protection
  • Remove access floor installation debris as work progresses, maintaining area under finished floor in a clean condition.
  • If panels are taken out for further installation work or similar work, than Instruction as given in the attached 2 sheets should be followed.
  • After completing installation , vacuum clean access flooring and cover with continuous sheets of reinforced paper or plastic .MAIN CONTRACTOR is to protect the finished access floor damage and miss – use until time of final cleaning before Taking Over by the Employer ( Issuance of practical Completion Certificate ).
  • Replace access flooring panels that are stained, scratched, otherwise damaged or not complying with specified requirements.

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