Grinding Discs

Grinding discs are the most important kind of abrasive tools in the process of grinding. They are specially recommended for high stock removal on metals, aluminum, stainless steel, and even stone. The hardness of a grinding disc determines the lifetime as well as its stock removal and stock-removing efficiency. A soft grinding disc is much more aggressive and offers a comfortable grinding behavior. A hard grinding disc is characterized by tis long lifetime. We recommend hard grinding discs for edge grinding. Soft grinding discs can be used for surface grinding.

 Common fields of application:
• Weld seam preparation • Burr removing • Levelling • Corner and edge grinding • Levelling of welding seam
Product Advantages:
• Long lifetime •Comfortable grinding performance • Easy polishing • Efficient
• Rust and acid-proof steels • High tensile/high-alloyed steels • Tool sheets •Hardened steels •High tensile metal sheets • Non-ferrous metals

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