Metal Back Box


Metal Clad Back Box

Item Code Description Size KnockOuts
AMCB33 Single Clad Metal Clad Box 86x86 6 x ø20
AMCB36 Double Clad Metal Clad Box 86x146 8 x ø20
BS5733, All boxes are with a brass earth terminal

Metal Clad Back Cover

Item Code Description Size
AMCBC33 Single Gang Metal Clad Box Cover 86x86
AMCBC36 Double Gang Metal Clad Cover 86x146

Rectangular Box (Single Gang)

Item Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Depth (mm)
AMB42-50 100 50 50

Square Metal Box

Item Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Depth (mm)
AMB44-38 100 100 38
AMB44-54 100 100 54

Octagonal Metal Box

Item Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Depth (mm)
AMOB44-38 90 90 38
AMBO44-54 90 90 54

Cover for Metal Box

Item Code Size Thickness Qty
AMBC42 4X2 1MM 100 Pcs/Box
AMBC44 4X4 1MM 101 Pcs/Box
AMOBC44 4X4 1MM 102 Pcs/Box

Note: Knockout 20mm,25mm & 32mm available on request. Also can provide different height and thickness.

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