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Construction Galvanized sheet steel inner core with PVCu or LSZH oversheath Galvainzed Sheet steel helicallg wound with single clutch which allows good crush protection and high flexibility
Standard color Block Standard Sheet Steel
Features conforms to BS EN 50086
Rating : lP55 as standard ; IP 66 available on request
Class 4 Heavg Dutg Application
High Mechanic Strength
Highlg Flexible
Operating Temperature : -15° C to +80°C
conforms to BS EN 50086
Rating: lP40 as standard
Class 4 Heavg Dutg Application
High Mechanic Strength
Highlg Flexible
Operating Temperature : -15° C to +80°C


Size(MM) Bare PVC LSZH Packing Adaptors
12 ATMF B/12 ATMF PVC/12 ATMF LSZH/12 20Mtr/Roll ATMF A12 ATMF A12 B ATMF A12 LT
16 ATMF B/16 ATMF PVC/16 ATMF LSZH/16 20Mtr/Roll ATMF A16 ATMF A16 B ATMF A16 LT
20 ATMF B/20 ATMF PVC/20 ATMF LSZH/20 20Mtr/Roll ATMF A20 ATMF A20 B ATMF A20 LT
25 ATMF B/25 ATMF PVC/25 ATMF LSZH/25 20Mtr/Roll ATMF A25 ATMF A25 B ATMF A25 LT
32 ATMF B/32 ATMF PVC/32 ATMF LSZH/32 20Mtr/Roll ATMF A32 ATMF A32 B ATMF A32 LT
40 ATMF B/40 ATMF PVC/40 ATMF LSZH/40 15Mtr/Roll ATMF A40 ATMF A40 B ATMF A40 LT
50 ATMF B/50 ATMF PVC/50 ATMF LSZH/50 15Mtr/Roll ATMF A50 ATMF A50 B ATMF A50 LT


Altair Liquid Tight PVC Coated Steel Flexible Conduit is constructed helically wound single lock with thick PVC oversheath which provides smooth surface. The internal surface of the conduit is free from bures sharp edges. It’s diameter will be uniform through out its length.

This can be applied for Outdoor Installations, Machine Tools, under floor applications, connecting Machines to control Elevators, Metro Stations, CCTV cameras to give mechanical protection cables and wires.


Construction Galvanized Sheet steel inner core with PVCu or LSZH oversheath
Standard Color Black or Grey
Features Conforms to BS EN 50086
High Mechanical Strength
Class 4 Heavy Duty Application
Rating : IP 65 & IP 66
Low Flexible
Operating Temperature: -20˚C to +105˚C


Size (MM) PVC LSZH Min. Bend Radius (MM) Sheet Thickness Sheet Thickness
12 ATMF PVC/12LT ATMF LSZH/12LT 40 0.25 20mtr / roll
16 ATMF PVC/16LT ATMF LSZH/16LT 50 0.25 20mtr / roll
20 ATMF PVC/20LT ATMF LSZH/20LT 65 0.25 20mtr / roll
25 ATMF PVC/25LT ATMF LSZH/25LT 75 0.25 20mtr / roll
32 ATMF PVC/32LT ATMF LSZH/32LT 100 0.3 20mtr / roll
40 ATMF PVC/40LT ATMF LSZH/40LT 120 0.35 15mtr / roll
50 ATMF PVC/50LT ATMF LSZH/50LT 140 0.35 15mtr / roll

Note: Upon request we can provide different length packing

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