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ALTAIR  has been the advanced architectural solutions provider for residences, residential enclaves, business centers, shopping malls, factories, production centers, commercial buildings, sports centers, and other similar institutions. We guarantee quality-proven products made of innovative materials. Furthermore, we have been extending servicing support to our clients periodically, as well as, wherever they seek.

Raised flooring solutions, cable management systems, and tensile architectural fabrics from Altair have been a vital part of several leading organizations. We study the requirement projected and suggest the best product that suits the client’s objectives. Besides that, we custom-design the items to meet the dimensional requirements and design specifications. That is how we have become the most trusted company offering these products.

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Raised flooring is a flooring system designed to house service ducts, cables, terminals, etc. The raised flooring is placed on a bearing structure at an elevated position from the slab. The free space thus created can be used for laying cables, ducts, terminals, etc. The quality and strength of raised flooring are of paramount importance for ensuring longevity.

Most of our products are available at the local markets in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. We can manufacture and deliver if you need a specific product that is not available in the local stock. In that case, it would be ideal to order at least eight weeks in advance. We would manufacture the item in 2-3 weeks’ time and deliver it to the location in the Middle East, North Africa or Europe in about three to four weeks' time.

Normally PVC skirting is used for covering the gap created by the interface. Another type used is wooden skirting. Nonetheless, skirting is not necessary wherever the gap is reduced to 2-3 mm. At the perimeter structures like walls, columns, and partitions, appropriate panels are installed. 

Raised flooring work can be done either way, prior to MEP works or after that. In case the raised flooring work is undertaken before the mechanical, electrical and plumbing works, measures must be implemented to protect the raised floor during the MEP activities. If the raised flooring work is planned after the installation of all the MEP elements, the dimensional specifications must be discussed and finalised with the raised flooring team.


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